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...Romanian Fairy Tales and Romanian Literature ...Page 2
Toate Panzele Sus de Radu Tudoran, 2 volume
Toate Panzele Sus
de Radu Tudoran, 2 vol
Descult , de Zaharia Stancu
de Zaharia Stancu
ursul Pacalit de Vulpe, Romanian Fairy Tales, Romanian-English edition
Romanian Fairy Tale: Ursul Pacalit de Vulpe / The Fox that Tricked the Bear Bilingual Romanian-English
Pupaza din tei /The Hoopoe in  The Linden Tree"ROMANIAN FAIRY TALE . Ion Creanga
Romanian fairy tale "Pupaza din Tei / The Hoopoe in the Linden Tree. Bilingual Romanian-English edition
Ulita copliariei, de Ionel Teodoreanu

Ulita Coplilariei, de Ionel Teodoreanu
Textele "Legionare" si despre "Romanism"
Mircea Eliade Textele "Legionare" si despre "Romanism":
Filozofia religiei, de Nae Ionescu 1998
Filozofia Religiei, de Nae Ionescu
Capra cu Trei Iezi, Ion Creanga, Romanian Fairy Tale Bolingual English-Romnian
Capra cu Trei Iezi
Mother-Goat and Her Three Kids ,
by Ion Creanga.
Romanian-English Edition
ALFABET ANIMAL / ANIMAL APHABET  - illustrrated aphabet
Alfabet Animal / Animal Alphabet Literele alfabetului , reprezentate prin animale






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