All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

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Ethnic Costumes: Turks and Tatars who live in ROMANIA
mostly in Dobrogea (Dobruja, or Dobrudja, or Dobrudzha, or Dobruca in Turkish)
Ethnic Costumes of
who live in Romania.
Ethnic Costumes of
who live in Romania
Ethnic Costumes of
who live in Romania.

Women wear:
PANTS style costumes

(salvar / shalvar / shalwar)
Women wear:
DRESS style costumes

[ dress = rochie = pasalî ]
(English, Romanian, Tatar)
Women wear:
SKIRT style costumes
[skirt = fusta =

First Turks settled in Dobrogea in 1264 A.D. in Babadag. From 1419 until 1877, Dobrogea was part of the Ottoman Empire. Today Dobrogea is devided between Romania and Bulgaria

Crimean Tatars settled in Crimea around 1200 A.D. After Russian annexation of Crimea in 1783, some Crimean Tatars came to Dobrogea; at that time Dobrogea was part of the Ottoman Empire)

Nogai Tatars consider themselves as descended of the people of the Golden Horde. They take their name from Nogai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan. Tatars arrived in Eastern and Central Europe around 1250. In Dobrogea, a few Nogai Tatars settled around 1600.

Tatars live in Central and SE Dobrogea. A few villages: Biulbiul, Topraisar, Azaplar, Murfatlar, Castelu, Osmancea, Bairamdede

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