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All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

Folk Costumes:
Serbians who live in Banat, ROMANIA Scroll down and for Maps
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Serbians / Serbs live in Banat (Romania) in
  • Clisura Dunarii (Banatska Klisura)
  • Timis

    Our model is wearing Klisura outfit:
  • Blouse: white cotton , hand made lace trims the sleeves and the neck. No collar.
  • Skirt: dark green, or blue homespun cotton (hemp, linen.) Straight in the front; pleats in the back. The fabric is decorated with hand painted flowers.
  • Apron: one, in the front; usually wool
  • Vest: sheepskin vest, buttons in the front; trimmed with fur; modest embroidery
  • Necklace: gold coins
  • Head cover: black velvet, embroidery with gold thread. See SCARF detail
  • hand knitted woolen socks
  • Shoes: opinci, home made

    A similar girl's outfit is on display at the "Romanian Peasant Museum" in Bucharest

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