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All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

Folk Costumes: SLAVS who live in ROMANIA Scroll down and for Maps and Lists

(Slavs) in Bukovina

Bulgarians , Banat
(village of Besenova)
since 1738

Bulgarians Vinga, Banat
, 1920 (since 1741)

Croatians in Timis, City Style (village of Checea)

Croatians in Caras
(Carasova, Lupac) See Note 1

Russians in Dobrogea, Moldova, since 1724

Serbians in Banat
(Timis & ClisuraDunarii)
Ukrainians in Moldova

Slovak Girl 1933 Nadlac, Banat

1933 Nadlac, Banat:
Slovak Bride & Groom
Slovaks in Salaj
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Note 1. Crasoveni (Krashovani) in Caras are Catholics. They regard themselvs as Croats, but some consider them Serbs. The Crasovenis' origin can be traced back to the region of Timok (Timoc) in Eastern Serbia, from where they migrated to Banat (Caras-Severin district) in the 14th century.