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All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

Romanian Folk Costumes: MOLDOVA-Basarabia-Ciuc Scroll down and see map
Moldova Folk Costume's main feature: Women wear one wrap-around apron (fota. )
(and Trotus; Casin )
(and Siret)
CIUC (Note 1) see Ciuc-Tulghes Zone on Romania Map
(trasition zone between Transylvania and Moldova) Detail Map
Izvorul Muresului
Iasi (& Vaslui)
Neamt (and Valea Bistritei)

Note1 : Geographically, Ciuc is in Transylvania on the Moldova-Transylvania border. Ethnographic, Ciuc is similar to Moldova. Until 1950' this transition area between Transylvania and Moldova belonged to Ciuc and Odorhei counties. After 1950 these counties were renamed as Harghita and Covasna. Look on the map and see that Ciuc and Bacau are next to each other and that the costumes are somehow similar. Tulghes is similar to Neamt.

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MOLDOVA: Main feature: Women wear onlyone apron: wrap-around style apron (fota. )