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Romanians in Serbian Banat (Eastern Serbia) Scroll down for Maps
"Banat" is a province divided between Romania (62%), Serbia (36%), and Hungary (2%) Banat borders are well defind by Mures River in the North, Tisa River in the West, Danube River in the South and "Carpatii Meridionali" Mountains in the East.

Old Romanian villages in Banat
Banat Settlers
from Bihor 1700's
Banat Settlers
from NE Oltenia 1700's
Banat Settlers
from S. Oltenia 1700's

Seleus, 1955
(Old Romanian village, since 1456)
(24 old Romanian villages out of 34 Romanian villages in Serbian Banat)

Locve, 1914
(1700's settlers from Bihor)
(13 villages of Ardeal settlers out of 34 Romanian villages in Serbian Banat)

Vojvodinci, 1937
(1700's settlers from NE Oltenia)
(compare to Muscel, Arges)
(3 villages of Oltenia settlers out of 34 Romanian villages in Serbian Banat )
Satu Nou, 1913
(1700's settlers from South. Oltenia--compare to Romanati)
Port Alb de Craciun, Pasti.
("All White" on Christmas, Easter)
See actual 1913 picture

Alibunar, 1935
(Old Romanian village, since 1662)

Seleus, 1964
(Old Romanian village)

Seleus, 1954
Men in work outfit

Romanian men (army recruits) from Mesita in 1914 in Vrset

Uzdin, 1960
(Old Romanian village, since 1775)

Uzdin, 1969
(Old Romanian village, since 1775)

Petrovasila (Vladimirovat)1908

Petrovasila (Vladimirovat)1923

("Carpatii Occidentali" Mountains as Muntii: Poiana Rusca, Aninei, Dognecei, Locvei, Almajului belong to Banat)