All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

(Macedo-romani) S
croll down and see map.Aromanians (Wlachs, Vlahs, Macedonians) live mostly South of Danube River.
here are 3 main groups of Aromanians:
  • Grãmusteni (mostly in Macedonia) including the "sãrãcãcianii" subgroup
  • Pindeni (in Greece, in the Pind and Olymp Mountains) &
  • Fãrseroti (mostly in Albania)
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    Aromanian Women in Romania and in other Balcan countries wear
  • FUSTANE, a dress (shirt and skirt in one piece)
  • CONDUSA, a long sleevless vest
  • SCURTAC, a waistlong vest
  • LIBADE, a jacket with short sleeves (cool weather)
  • POALA, apron ( only ONE)
  • colorful socks (HRISAFI or PIRPODZI)
  • metal belt (PAFTA)
  • Headdress: hat-like piece plus scarf
  • until early 1900' some women had the sign of the cross tattooed on their forehead.
  • Also in cold weather: TIPUNEA, a coat, and "SARICA" a sleeveless heavy caot.