All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

Depresiunea Calata or Kalotaszeg. Romanian Folk costumes of Calata/ Kkalotaszeg

Hungarian Costumes of Kalotaszeg on Hungarian pages)

Romanian Folk Costume Of Margau, Picture taken in 2005.
Style: early 1900's

Romanian Folk Costume of Margau, Pleated front apron.

Romanian Folk Costume of Margau,
Detaiul of Pleated front apron.

Romanian Folk Costume of Margau, Skirt detail

Romanian Folk Costume of Margau, Back detail

For reference you also may check "Costumul Romanesc de Patrimoniu" printed Bucharest 2007

Note: Geographically Calata (Calatele / Kalotaszeg) is in Transylvania; ethnographically transition / common elements Bihor and Salaj

2 Aprons, narrow:
Either mostly black
or red & black horizontal stripes.
Sheepskin vest
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Romania, Banat, Hand embroidered blouse 1930 $60 shipping priority included. Item 0012g
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Romania, Child folk costume from Transylvania (Calata) Blouse, skirt (insert lace, trim lace) red underskirt (petticoat) machine embroidered apron; blouse decorated with lace (commercial/ machine lace)
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Free book / album "Romania Folk Costumes"