All 112 Styles of Folk Costumes of Romania

    Romanian Folk Costumes: Târnave (Podisul Târnavelor), Transylvania
1. Subzone Tarnava Mica. Main cities Blaj, Târnaveni.
2. Subzone Tarnava Mare. Main cities: Medias, Sighisoara
3. Subzone Rupea (see Tarnave Map). Main City: Rupea
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2 Aprons, Either mostly black or red & black horizontal stripes. Sheepskin vest.
Notice the "connecting" elements: back aprons are narrow with horizontal lines, just as in Central (Sibiu) or North (Somes) parts of Transylvania, while the front aprons are wider, but not as wide as those in "Tisa" or similar to Banat aprons

Tarnava Bride's headdress consists of a cylinder about 2" high covered all around with little metal plates. Each 1"x1" plate is adorned with a precious stone. The lower end of the cylinder (forehead) is trimmed with a string of gold coins (or silver or cooper, depending on one's wealth.) The upper part of the cylinder is filled (like a flower pot) with peacock feathers or silk flowers.