Romania Museum: Folk Art Costumes. Romanian National Dress Attire. Costume Populare Romanesti. Portul Popular din Romania. 112 zone etnografice din Romania
The Virtual Romanian presents

Folk Costumes of Romania

All 118 styles of ethnic costumes of people who live in ROMANIA:
Romanians and other ethnic groups who live in Romania: Bulgarians, Croatians, Germans, Gypsies, Hungarians, Russian, Ruthenians, Serbians, Slovaks, Szekely, Ukrainians, Tatars, Turks. Also folk costumes of Romanians who live in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine.

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Enter the Picture Perfect

1000's of pictures showing costumes of men and women; young and old; Sunday best and work clothes; summer and winter clothes; hundred years old engravings and new, third millennium pictures. Description of folk costumes of each zone.
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